Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions and queries whose answers should be given to you before you take further steps. And that is why we’ve created a list of frequent questions that a lot of people have before digging into digital services. If you don’t find your question, you can send us via Contact Page, we will answer you within 12 hours.


Most Popular Questions

How much time do you want to create/design/develop our website?

Well, it all depends on the website that you want. For instance, a static website can be designed and deployed in 1-2 weeks. In contrast, a dynamic & small website can be deployed in 3-4 weeks. Whereas if we talk about a large portal or E-Commerce, then the website may go beyond a month.

Should I have to do a physical meet to tell what my needs are?

No, there is no such need. Just in case if you want to have a meeting, you can have that on Skype or Hangouts. But usually, a phone call stands best, as in most cases (when we deal with international projects or projects from different State/Country, then a video or phone call stands out.)

What amount will I be charged for my website?

The price of the website varies based upon the type of website, along with that the content that you want, the server you wish, and few more terms are responsible. We believe that this could be estimated once we know about your requirements.

What after-sales service do you offer?

Based on the service you opt for, we give you a few other benefits; for instance, we will give you monthly reports on what other things you can do on your website. We send* monthly traffic reports, like how many hits your website is getting.

Is it necessary to keep my website with you only? And not another provider?

No, not necessary at all, once we’re done with the website, you can transfer it to any other service provider. We will send you the whole backup for no cost.

Do you make search engine friendly websites?

Yes, we believe that without the search engine friendliness, a website is of no use. So we give our level best to follow SEO guidelines while developing a website. Meanwhile, we can also suggest a few things to change to get better results.

My business is new/small, and want an online presence, what to do?

For the very first, you need a website so that people can access it 24×7. And after that, you should have quality content on your site so that anyone visiting your website gets good content. And then you should go with digital marketing services to grab more potential audience.

Are there any hidden or ongoing costs?

There are NO hidden costs, what we discuss in our MOU agreement, that is what you need to pay. Whereas the ongoing cost may occur, for instance, if you’re making a huge change in the functionality, or if you want a different (upgraded server), or if you wish to other services to be deployed, then the ongoing charges may occur.

How can I update my website on my own?

Once the site is completed, we will assist you with the proper process to make changes to your site—most of the changes you can make on your own. And if you can’t, we’re here to help you.

Can you ensure that my website will always be available?

As quoted, a website represents you or your business for 24×7, and so the website should be available. And we assure that the site will be available for 24×7, except for cases when there is any updation or service migration, which stands for about 1-2 hours.

I do not like the design? What can I do?

Whenever we design any website, we will constantly share it with you, and if you want any changes, you can tell that before we begin with our deployment. Just tell us what changes do you need, we will do the rest.


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